Job Opportunities with North Star BlueScope Steel

  • Electrical and Mechanical Technician

    Electrical and Mechanical Tech Team Members have a very robust career at NSBSL. There are many different pieces of equipment they can work on, including PLC’s, HMI’s, transformers, cranes, etc. They not only troubleshoot and fix problems when equipment is malfunctioning, but they also lead projects from start to finish to make equipment perform better and more efficiently.

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  • Operations/Production Team Member

    Our Operations/Production team members ensure the safe and continuous operations of North Star BlueScope Steel. They are involved with both the handling and making of steel. There are several operating areas that offer a variety of career challenges from handling raw material, to melting, casting and rolling. Operations Team Members are given pay increases on an individual basis by improving their skills in a wide range of tasks and abilities.

    Operations/Production Team Member - please click here to apply